We’re a small team of people who have set up shop to help tackle the beauty industry’s waste problem by keeping imperfectly perfect products in circulation

What does that mean? Well, some of our items might have a blemished box, a dent, or a scratch but what’s inside is a perfect product. So, when you shop with us, not only are you getting an amazing product at a discounted price, but you’re also helping to protect the planet by keeping products on shelves at the same time.

And we know, trust is everything. That's why our all of our products are authenticity and quality checked – personally – by our small team, so that you can rest assured you’re buying genuine, high quality beauty products every time.


No need to expand here, you’ll receive a brand new product. Flawless in every way shape and form.


You won’t receive the original box with this product. Usually due to excessive damage.


The box has some dinks, scratches, rips, scuffs or stains. Nothing to worry about as the product inside remains unharmed.


The lid has been misplaced. This includes caps and tops, but the product will always be unopened or have some kind of seal.


A small amount of the product has escaped! No more than 10% will have leaked out, usually much less. These items have not been used.


This item is looking for some love. The container has some dinks, scuffs or stains on the bottle, a label or pump top. 


The pump/spray top is missing from the bottle but the product can still be used if you unscrew it. Or, you could use one from a previous or similar product!


The lid will be dented, cracked or might have a bit missing. However, the lid will be secured onto the product for shipping. Don't panic!

When you shop with This is Beauty you're part of something bigger, a movement that makes a positive impact on the entire world of beauty, for you and our planet.